Organic Clothing Line

Founders of OCL - Margit & daughter Valentina

Founders of OCL - Margit & daughter Valentina

You know when you really love someone and they inspire you to do amazing things? That’s exactly how The Organic Clothing Line started.

In 2016, our Founder and Photographer Margit Selg gave birth to Valentina; the very small, chubby cheeked inspiration behind our brand.

This Mother-daughter duo is all about combining a love for fashion with a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. You might be thinking; What can a 3-year-old really be contributing to The Organic Clothing Line? Well, not only is Valentina a great model for our baby range, she is also what made Margit stop and think about the clothing she was putting on her skin.

Margit moved to Australia from Estonia 10 years ago and has a 15-year Photography career under her belt. She knew she wanted to create something new and meaningful, somehow combining her photography skills and contributing to the community. It wasn’t until she had Valentina, that she knew exactly how we were going to make that happen.

Our garments

 All of our garments are 100% Australian made and owned, made with GOTS certified organic cotton, meaning they are totally free from nasties.

Our designs are Estonian inspired and feature original images, captured by Margit.

Why Organic Cotton?

Regular cotton accounts for more than 25% of worldwide insecticide use and 10% of the pesticides. These toxins are harmful for farmers, workers and us as consumers.

Not only is certified organic good for us, buying organic cotton lowers our carbon footprint, eliminates chemical and pesticide processes and uses far less water than regular cotton.



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